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Phillip Yin - Managing Director

As an accomplished and passionate speaker on topics of Int'l trade, Global Politics, Economics, and Global Communications, Phillip is a seasoned and experienced member of the business community. He was an International Anchor for CNBC Television, Bloomberg Television, CGTN Washington D.C., and Seattle's Q13 Fox News and also launched CGTN America in Washington D.C. as the global business anchor focused on global business, politics, and economics. He’s conducted over 4500+ interviews, including coverage of the 2012 U.S. Presidential elections. Additionally, he launched Charles Schwab's portfolio management business in Hong Kong and managed the Swiss-based Unifund. Following Lehman’s bankruptcy, Phillip also helped lead and investigate the credit derivatives mess which later led to the recovery of $1.8 billion on behalf of over 40,000 individual investors.

Contact: phil@newsroominvestments.com


Brenda Choy - Human Capital Advisor

Brenda oversees the talent acquisition and human capital for Newsroom and brings the best caliber on board for business expansion. Brenda has over 10 years of experience in executive search and recruitment for retail, hospitality, technology and manufacturing industries for local and global positions. She consulted for start-ups, local and Fortune 500 companies. 


Lourdes Valdesuso - Commercial Real Estate Advisor

Ms. Valdesuso brings over 12 years of commercial real estate experience and expertise in retail brokerage. She also has over 20 years of successful sales and marketing experience with notable Pacific Northwest services companies including Nordstrom and Microsoft. Passionate about building relationships with customers and her peers, she always strives for finding a “win-win” in every situation. Ms. Valdesuso has built her reputation with tenacity and integrity.



MaxWELL Hopkins - Analyst

Maxwell manages the day-to-day operations, manages communication between Newsroom Investments and its businesses, and tracks the overall successes, progress, and profits of our investments. At the age of 18, he owned and operated his painting business from top to bottom, single-handedly doing all of the marketing, hiring, sales, and financials. He is also the former president and treasurer of the Beta-Psi Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, where he oversaw all operations including; all communications to the university and Kappa Sigma International Headquarters, leading and managing dozens of committees and 75 members, and overseeing the entire budget. 

Contact: maxwell@newsroominvestments.com


Evan Oeflein - Analyst

Evan oversees the deal flow at Newsroom Investments and facilitates the investment process, also helping to connect the entrepreneurs and businesses with any resources they might need. He is also a former Entrepreneur Analyst for Keiretsu Forum's northwest region and an experienced writer and information technology consultant. As an Entrepreneur Analyst, he assessed angel investment opportunities on behalf of Keiretsu Forum's network of angel investors and assisted the investment-seeking companies through Keiretsu's deal flow pipeline and due diligence processes. 

Contact: evan@newsroominvestments.com